I have very few serious issues with my back but when my lower back/lumbar flares up it can be absolutely debilitating. I have seen so many chiropractors over the years and the effectiveness of treatment was all over the map. Some really good, some not so much. My most recent attack was severe and I am very happy to say that my experience with Dr. Mana Akbari was absolutely terrific. She asked all the right questions but most importantly she listened intently to every word I said, which was very reassuring and she understood respected my concerns. Her treatment was excellent and the adjustments were very effective. She was the second best chiropractor I have dealt with but her table side manor was number one. A great professional!

Jim MacPherson

I love the new clinic! It's so warm, clean and welcoming! I no longer take pain medication since being treated by Dr. Riley, which is something I never thought would happen. Thank you so much for the quality care you've given me. I will never forget it! Mrs. J Arsena

Mrs J Arsena

I had never been such a firm believer of chiropractic care until I began my treatments at Chiropractic Wellness and Rehabilitation. I have suffered from headaches for years, and never thought that chiropractic care would be my solution. After my first set of adjustments I was able to see huge results, in both my mood and physical health. I cannot thank Dr. Riley, and Dr. Edwards enough. With regular chiropractic visits I am able to get my life back on track and finally say good bye to headaches.


Since beginning my chiropractic care with both Dr. Edwards and Dr. Riley nearly 4 years ago, I must say I have seen a huge improvement in my overall health. Your advice, patience and geniune concern for my health has been greatly appreciated over the years. Not only do I look forward to each visit to your clinic, but I also look forward to seeing the continuous impact that Chiropractic Wellness and Rehabilitation has on my life.

Julia Bolton

I have been using the massage therapy services at your clinic for years, and am thoroughly impressed with the entire environment and professional services. My youngest daughter recently began Chiropractic care for overall health, and I feel so so comfortable with the care she is receiving! Thank you, I would recommend this clinic to anyone.