Naturopathic Medicine

What is Naturopathic Medicine?

Naturopathic medicine is the use of safe and effective natural remedies. It focuses on prevention and improving health, by finding the root cause of your concern(s). Focusing on the whole person, each patient receives an individualized care plan unique to them that utilizes the healing power of nature.

Dr. Emily Bell, ND is a registered Naturopathic Doctor in the province of Ontario. She will take the time to listen to all your concerns and provide a unique treatment plan just for you. For more detailed information on Dr. Emily Bell, please visit her bio under the 'About Us' tab.

Healing takes time. If you have been suffering from a condition for a while now, be patient with yourself, there is no quick fix or magic bullet. Dr. Emily will work with you to get to the root cause of the issue and address these concerns with the services provided.

She may also recommend you see other healthcare professionals, including your family doctor. Dr. Emily will always encourage collaborative care and will, with your permission, advocate on your behalf with other healthcare professionals.

What might your appointments with Dr. Emily look like?

During your first appointment, Dr. Emily will go through your intake forms with you and ask you further questions based on this information. Unlike a visit to your family doctor's office, where there can be a "one concern only" policy, Dr. Emily will go through a full overview of your health. Naturopathic Medicine truly believes that every system in the body is connected and affects each other, and in order to find the root cause of your issues, we need a full picture of the whole body. Be prepared to talk about all aspects of your health, including past history of concerns. Dr. Emily may order Lab work and perform physical exams as well.

Dr. Emily will then go through your health goals with you and provide you with a timeline for your healing process. If there is time, she may provide you with the beginning of a protocol during this appointment.

Usually though, Dr. Emily will take time after this appointment to research your concerns and create a unique and individualised protocol for you. She also may be waiting for your lab work results to come in to make final decisions about a protocol. This protocol can include lifestyle changes, supplements, teas, and referrals to other health care professionals. 

During your second appointment, Dr. Emily will go through your lab work, provide a diagnosis and explain the entire protocol for you, which may have several steps and a timeline anywhere between 3 months to 1 year depending on the concern(s). 

Follow-up appointments are used to get feedback on your progress, provide you support when needed, as well as complete updated lab work and physical exams to see where improvements are and where we need to focus our efforts. 

Dr. Emily may also prescribe acupuncture and those appointments would be separate to your follow-up appointments. 

Commonly Treated Conditions:

Fatigue and Burnout


Autoimmune Conditions

Heartburn and GERD

Headaches and Migraines


Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

Reproductive Concerns


Reproductive Concerns

Weight loss

Pain and Inflammation

Immune Support

Cancer Support


High Cholesterol

Services Provided:

Nutrition, Diet and Lifestyle Counselling 

Botanical Medicine


Homeopathic Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine


Allergy Testing

Cost of Service:

Initial Visit Naturopathic (up to 90 min)- $200.00

Second Visit Naturopathic (Lab Results, Diagnosis, Treatment Protocols- up to 60 min)- $150.00

Subsequent Follow-up Visit Naturopathic-

up to 60 minutes: $150.00; re-assessment or evaluation of a new concern

up to 45 minutes: $100.00

up to 30 minutes $75.00

up to 15 minutes: $50.00

*Please note that the length of time stated above is approximate


60 minute appointment: $85.00 (multi-area treatment)

30 minutes appointment: $50.00 (single area treatment)

*please note that if you are new to the clinic or not currently undergoing Chiropractic Care, you will need to book an Initial Visit with the Naturopath BEFORE any acupuncture sessions. If you are currently undergoing Chiropractic care for a specific condition that would benefit from Acupuncture, you may book a 30 or 60 minute acupuncture session without having to book an Initial Visit with Dr. Bell.