MedX LASER Therapy: Natural, Non-Invasive and Drug-free Solution

Initially developed over three decades ago, phototherapy promotes quicker healing of the body by using a specific kind of light to penetrate the surface of the skin and the underlying tissues. The stimulation of the body’s natural repair process results in accelerated recovery while reducing pain, swelling, and inflammation of muscles.

Chiropractic Wellness and Rehabilitation utilizes the concept of phototherapy by using the MedX Laser to conduct laser therapy which uses low level lasers and super luminous diodes. This is used to treat acute and chronic conditions, physical injuries, repetitive strain disorders, and many other conditions. Laser therapy has also been hailed as a treatment that provides natural, effective, non-invasive, drug-free phototherapy solutions that triggers normal cellular functions to promote faster wound healing, pain relief and functional recovery.

Laser therapy treatments, like MedX Phototherapy, makes use of low level lasers. Unlike high level lasers that are used to cut right through tissue for surgical procedures, low level lasers simply stimulate tissue repair through a process of bio-stimulation. There is no heat, no damage to the skin, and no known side effects, making it completely safe.

The Benefits of MedX Phototherapy

The red and near infrared light from MedX Phototherapy directs energy to cells to help speed up the recovery process. Apart from the increased cell metabolism, undergoing MedX Phototherapy also assists in the improvement of localized blood circulation, stimulation of both nerve functions and the immune system, and reduction of localized inflammation and edema, as well as promotes relief from acute and chronic pain, among others.

Among the illnesses it has proven to be particularly effective in treating are neck and lower back pain, arthritis and rheumatism, migraine headaches, as well as tendonitis, tennis and golfer’s elbow, and a myriad of soft tissue injuries, strains, and sprains. It is also an effective treatment for repetitive stress injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome.

To learn more about MedX Phototherapy and to determine if your condition can be addressed using the treatment, please feel free to contact or drop by the Chiropractic Wellness and Rehabilitation office at 17 Brock Street West Oshawa, Ontario.