Dr. Edwards and Dr. Riley provide a warm and welcoming environment each and every time I visit their clinic. Their care and rehabilitation for my various sports injuries have allowed me to live a healthy and active lifestyle that is pain free. When I have had to book an appointment on short notice or changed an existing appointment, Dr. Edwards and Dr. Riley have always accommodated me and provided a level of treatment that is beyond reproach. I can't thank them enough for their care, treatment and professionalism.
Sincerely, Andrew Gouge

Andrew Gouge

I met Dr. Riley by chance during the third trimester of my second pregnancy. I had walked into Chiropractic Wellness and Rehabilitation looking to buy a TENS unit to use during my labour. I was already seeing a chiropractor for my chronic neck pain and headaches as well as extreme lower back pain that set in during the last few weeks of my pregnancy. I instantly liked Dr. Riley and Dr. Edwards. They were both warm, intelligent and they listened to my concerns. My chiropractor was going on vacation for a week so I decided to book an appointment with Dr. Riley. I'm so happy I did! I was planning a home birth and I started to think there was no way I could go though with it because of the intense pain my back was causing me. The day before I went into labour my back pain was almost completely gone. I went ahead with my home birth and I used the TENS unit to help me manage my pain during labour. My friends and family are now being treated by Dr. Riley and they all love her. I trust her so much that I began bringing my son to her for treatment when he was only a couple of weeks old. My toddler has also been treated by Dr. Riley and often asks if we can go see Dr. Riley! Dr. Riley has also provided me with orthotics and they are by far the best pairs I have ever had and I've been using orthotics for 8 years. I wear them to run, weight train, and simply walk. I have also been treated by their RMT, Bruce and he is one of the best RMT's I've ever used. I can't say enough good things about Chiropractic Wellness and Rehabilitation.

Angela Sitaram

My experiences at Chiropractic Wellness and Rehabilitation have been nothing but wonderful. I had the pleasure of being Dr. Edwards' and Dr. Riley's co-op student and am now a patient at the clinic.
Dr. Edwards and Dr. Riley were wonderful teachers during my co-op placement as they were always warm and welcoming, encouraging of me to ask all and any questions, patient with me as I adjusted to their clinic's procedures and operations and they always took the time out of their busy days to sit down with me to discuss anything I wanted to know about chiropractic care, their clinic, etc. I enjoyed my co-op placement so much that I volunteered to work in their clinic over the summer as well. Both Dr. Edwards and Dr. Riley have taught me so much and I will never forget my experience at their clinic. I can't thank them enough.
During my co-op placement I was also able to experience chiropractic treatments. During one treatment, I mentioned to Dr. Riley that I was experiencing a weird sensation shooting up in my thigh that kept reoccurring - now I have not had a problem since! Otherwise, I do not have any specific conditions, but i always feel a difference in myself afterward! I now receive maintenance treatments as often as I can.
Thank you so very much to Dr. Edwards and Dr. Riley for being such awesome teachers!

Linnea Veloce

Before September of this year, I had never been to a chiropractor. After I injured my back, I quickly sought out emergency treatment: I called Chiropractic Wellness and Rehabilitation and I was told I could come in immediately! As soon as I walked into the clinic, I was greeted by both Dr. Riley and Dr. Edwards. The overall appearance of the office is warm, comforting, and stylish: they even provide cozy slippers!<br />Dr. Riley soon realized that I had never had chiropractic work done. Not only did she explain the reasons why and how she would adjust my spine to heal injury, but she also explained the varied misconceptions about chiropractic adjustments. This made me feel very at ease. After a short questionnaire, Dr. Riley professionally and thoroughly assessed my condition. I was adjusted that day and left the office feeling some instant relief. Over the next 3 sessions, my pain and discomfort had disappeared! I believe the work that both Dr. Riley and Dr. Edwards perform is not only effective and a great value, but it is also highly restorative. Thanks to the stellar service at Chiropractic Wellness and Rehabilitation, I am now a believer in the positive effects of having regular adjustments--despite cronic injury. I will definitely continue to receive treatment from Dr. Riley and Dr. Edwards for years to come: I would suggest the same to anyone!

Amanda French

Whenever I'm hurt I come here, because after a visit I feel better knowing that someone is looking out for my well-being and health as an athlete.Even after my session is completed I'm instructed on what to do in order to remain healthy and heal my injury or pain quickly. I will continue to go to Dr. Edwards knowing that my well-being comes first.

Chivon Gallagher